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Mission Statement

To alleviate the burden of food insecurity and promote community well-being by providing children of Cambria County with healthy and sustainable food options on the weekends.

Referral Partners

Blacklick Valley School District, Cambria County Child Development Corp., Community Action Partnership of Cambria County, Cambria Heights School District, Ferndale Area School Disrtict, Forest Hill School District, Goodwill of the Southern Alleghenies, Greater Johnstown School District, Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank, Mom's House of Johnstown, Inc., Northern Cambria School District, Portage School District, Penn Cambria School District, Richland School District, Soaring Heights School- Johnstown, The Learning Lamp, and Westmont Hilltop School District. 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: What is the Cambria County Backpack Project (CCBP)?

A: The CCBP is a program that works with different partners to help proved weekend bags of food to children that are chronically hungry in Cambria County. 



Q: How are you funded?

A: The CCBP is funded solely by grants and donations.


Q:What do you put in your bags?

A: In each bag we provide two single- serve Ramen noodle cups, two sllim jims, two single-serve Chef Boyardee meals, two vegetable cups, an apple, a fruit cup, shelf stable milk, shelf stable yogurt, two granola bars, a cereal bowl, a pudding cup, and a whole grain snack.



Q: How do the kids get their food?

A: Once the bags are packed on Monday, representatives from each partner school/agency come pick them up their bins throughout the week. From there, the bags are given to the children in a discreet way and taken home for the weekend.



Q: How can I become a participant?

A: Reach out to your school district's guidance counselor or CCBP representative for an application and referral.



Q:Will anyone know my child is part of this program?

A: Participation in CCBP is confidential. The only people that will know that you participate is your child's school counselors and the CCBP staff.



Q: How many meals does my child receive?

A: Your child will receive six meals, in each bag with food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for Saturday and Sunday. 

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